Our journey started in 2019 with a significant set of emerging problems or problematic questions that a small team of us wanted to solve. We saw an opportunity and began formulating a plan. The founders injected $20,000 to explore and test various development options to ensure we could in-fact deliver on the proposed plan, this was completed mid 2021. Next phase – publicly validate the project.

The eight questionable issues we wanted to resolve were as follows:

This was a fundamental issue because it raised an important question–“will users become premium members” i.e., will people recognize that free social media is an illusion? will users care that theirprivacy is infringed due to not being able to see the true cost?

We could see that the mainstream platforms had developed a position and content or businessesthat contradicted, threatened, or contravened that position was losing reach. Largely to do withprogrammed algorithms being developed to control who saw what content and when

With the Covid pandemic providing the excuse for many global governments to decree emergencies,as could be predicted, powers increased and, in most cases, continued with marketed fearcampaigns that supported a move to a “new normal”. This led to division of thought and segregationof people i.e., the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated–whereby vaccinated was the mainstreamnarrative and therefore discussion that favored a choice to reject vaccination is just one example ofa removal of rights by a group ofthe public that believesuchchoicesshould no longer exist, foranyone; these people seemingly do not understand the wider implications of their stance.

Facebook© is mostly about the activity feed-the meme, the advertising, and groups.Twitter© is a limited text message broadcast that can include a referenced link.YouTube© is about monetized video hosting (pay to remove ads) and share anywhere.TikTok© is a communistrooted short-video platform mostly for a younger audience. Video memes.

As 2020-2021 progressed, the culmination of the above issuesescalated into a solid direction for theSocial8 project > open discussion and discussion focused activities such as advanced forums and group chat facilities+functions... becausethere were no social media networks focused on this

Will enough people support a premium platform such as Social8 by paying for a small subscription infavor ofsacrificestoone’s ownprivacy, information sharing and steering by monopolisticmainstream social media platforms?

  1. We designed Social8 to be a true communityand one that focuses mostly on its premium membersas they are the ones supporting the cause and keeping the platform alive financially. We alsodesigned it to be fair as explained with our innovative points system. Premium + members receive
    support for any questions and can request and/or vote on our current plus future developments. Asnew functions are madeavailable;they will also get the opportunity to test them first.

  1. The answer was simple–entertainment is more fun, a grant distraction. Serious issues are only amatter of concern when they become personal. Hence, how the “wake up” movement became areversed or stolen leftist “woke” movement. Our solution–a premium platform that rewardsmembers for their engagement and content, within a private, uncensored social community. TheSocial8 points carry a real-world value designed to discount the cost of membership subscription.We started to research technologies, features, costs, systems, servers, and all requirements forembarking on such a project at the beginning of 2020 and set ourselves a self-funded budget ofUSD$20,000. We considered this an acceptable risk because there would be no point in going tomarket for investment or offering a premium plan to a member if we did not know exactly how wewould execute the project. This took us 18 months to successfully complete.Wethen prepared to launch and began thelaunchofour phase one “Validation” on October 08.Thisincluded Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. We quickly learned that our website neededimproved speed optimization and that our social media reach was far too low. We believe we canliterally identifyviaengagement analytics, how only some posts reach some people.The purpose of validation is to garner support before making the ultimate decision whether toembark on the project or not.Therefore,it’sextremelyimportant for the project toreceivelikes,shares, follows, comments,and newsletter signups with the later being a form of communicationthat cannot be blocked or reduced by any platform.Included in non-committal validation is an opportunity to purchase a lifetime subscription and/orbecome aninvestor (stakeholder-shareholder) in the venture. We admit that this does bare riskbecause if we cannot reach significant follower numbers, we will struggle and may fail to capitalizethe project’s development. However, it’s also the most powerful levelof support we could obtain,on par with influencers agreeing to promote Social8 as a project (not a business).Towards the end of October, after the idea of a Donald Trump social media platform was touted forthe prior three years, there was an announcement that Donald Trump would be launchingTruthSocial into 2022.We’re continuing to validate this project for thefollowing reasons:1)TruthSocial is another American platform. Maybe it’s time for a platform from elsewhere.2)We do not know what TruthSocial.comwill focus on or how it will be presented.3)We believe it will continue to be a free network relying on advertising> not premium.4)We still have planned features and functions that we believe they have not thought of.One week later, Facebook© announces it will change its name to Meta. This has no impact on us orthe social media landscape as Facebook–the application will remain the same. It’s announcedchange is simply like when and how Google restructured its ultimate beneficial ownership under theumbrella conglomerate company of Alphabet Inc.As of 08 November 2021we launched a revamped website that is properly optimized for faster loadspeeds. We hope that this significantly improves site visit retention and encourages more support.



Forever free base plan:

  • Activity feed, member profiles and dashboard
  • Social groups with basic thread discussions.
  • Instant messaging with ‘friends’ (people you’re connected to)
  • Albums and upload for images, videos, and documents
  • Push notifications via desktop or mobile responsive PWA process
  • Events system that displays online and physical events available to members to join.
  • Blogazine system that displays member blogs in a magazine format for all members to read.
  • Store (multi - vendor, business members products and services) available to all members
  • Projects with project updates allows members to get together and execute a project


Subscription ( monthly or annual ) is all Starter features PLUS:

  • The ability to earn points for activities that may directly reduce your subscription price
  • The ability to sponsor a deal, a project, a site section
  • The ability to write and post blogs, enroll followers, and be seen publicly
  • The ability to organize, host and post events
  • Access to our premium Forum which is a multi - level threaded discussion venue
  • Access to our more advanced chat facilities i ncluding live Group chat
  • Access (including publishing) to our own, private premium member video platform
  • View and vote on our Roadmap of current and future platform features and facilities
  • Access to support per a service level agreement stipulation
  • Family packages are likely to be developed early post launch


Subscription (monthly or annually) is all Starter + Premium features PLUS:

  • The ability to schedule business advertisements (mostly displayed to Starter members)
  • Priority sponsorship locations for deals, projects, pages, blogs, and newsletters
  • The ability to run your own S8 store, upload/display/sell your products and services
  • Team packages are likely to be available on launch






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