Refund Policy



The words of which the initial letter is capitalized have meanings defined under the following conditions. The following definitions shall have the same meaning regardless of whether they appear in singular or in plural.



For the purposes of this Return and Refund Policy: Company (referred to as either “the Company”, “we”, “us” or “our” in this Agreement) refers to Social8, International. Plan: refers to the item/s offered for sale on the Service. Order(s): means a request by you to purchase Plan from Us. Service: refers to the Website. Website: refers to Social8, accessible at: You: means the individual accessing or using the Service, or the company, or other legal entity on behalf of which such individual is accessing or using the Service, as applicable.



You are entitled to cancel your order within 14 days without giving a reason. The deadline for cancelling an order is 14 days from the date in which you ordered the Plan. In order to exercise your right of cancellation, you must inform us of your decision by means of a clear “request to cancel with refund” statement, ideally in the subject field of your email. You can inform us of your decision by email: We will, if a refund is approved, reimburse you within 14 days from the day we confirm whether we are validated, at the “rate” you’re entitled to receive. We will use the same means of payment as you used for the order. Please note the *special conditions* below.



Refunds within 14 days of purchase, with respect to Lifetime Plans are provided 75% of the purchase price paid (“rate”), a 25% deduction from the order purchase price is retained to cover administration, banking and merchant fees. If you paid USD$200 for your Plan, your refund would be USD$150. The offer of a Lifetime Plan is unique and the purpose is transparently to attract business development capital in exchange for lifetime access to the Platform, which is not a sustainable medium to long-term position. 



In order for the Plan to be eligible for a refund, please make sure that: The Plan was purchased within the last 14 days, unless otherwise specified. You are sure of your decision – You may re-purchase at a later date, if the offer still exists. However, the price may have increased. As the Plan is priced on demand and offered on a first committed / best price basis, we could not reinstate your prior purchase price. You acknowledge that a refund request will be paid at a maximum rate of 75% of the purchase price paid. We reserve the right to refuse refunds of any Plan purchase that does not meet the above refund conditions, at our sole discretion.



If the Plan purchased was for more than one Plan (“Plans” plural), you may request cancellation and refund of up to six (6) Plan purchases – this is the maximum number of Plans we permit any one purchaser to purchase. If you purchased more than six (6) Plans (identified by purchase and payment details) we may reject cancellation and refund of subsequent Plan purchases. If your Plan purchase/s are/were intended as a gift/s when purchased, and you purchased in the name of the recipient, with recipient email address, you would need to ask that person (persons) to request cancellation and refund directly. We can only cancel and/or refund when Plan data and payment receipt data matches in our system.



Campaign contributions (donations) are non-refundable, non-transferable, and not related to any service, product or plan provided by Social8.



Purchasers of one or more LIFETIME accounts may on-sell or gift a lifetime membership to another party. This allowance is to fairly offset a refund request at a reduced refund rate, it is also to maintain value and membership statistics. The value of the Lifetime Plan should be retained on the basis that no further Lifetime Plans will be made available once the platform has publicly launched. In addition to this, we believe in free-market pricing – to a seller, a Plan is worth what a buyer is prepared to pay for it, in contrast to supply and demand where supply will be zero after our public launch. To change the ownership details of a Plan, we require both the seller and the buyer to email us at: with the following statement: “Membership Transfer of Membership # XXXX”.




You are responsible for notifying us of your decision to cancel and request a refund, by sending us an email within 14 days of your purchase, requesting the cancellation and refund. If you have sent a refund email and have not had a reply within 14 days, you should attempt to re-contact us. Please send your email to the following address:

SPECIFICALLY – LIFETIME PLANS – (1) Purchased between pre-sales launch 01 October 2021 and scheduled closure of the offer on 20 December 2021 will be privy to a primary exclusive provision and all (2) secondary pre-sales (if offered) during development as scheduled between 20 December 2021 and 01 June 2022 will be privy to a secondary exclusive provision.

The following “Pre-Sales Fairness Policy” is to address both parties (the member and the Platform) concerns; we’re open and transparent. The member is supporting us with early adoption and the Platform is reciprocating with an exclusive lifetime offer. The member would like a level of assurance that the Platform will deliver as specified and the Platform needs assurance that the member will not refund to the detriment of the Platform’s development budget.

We sincerely ask that early adopters work with us, acknowledge that this is an investment in a project that does carry risk, that is matched with an exclusive right to lifetime access without a monthly or annual subscription charge. A lifetime plan is not a sustainable business model. However, it enables the team to create the project with a secure budget. Refunds are the only exception to this rule. When members request refunds during a project’s development, it directly impacts our ability to deliver the entire project as it is scoped – to all other invested members.

Our solution is the following exemption to our standard 14 day refund policy, specifically and only for early LIFETIME plan members:

(1) During this phase of pre-sales where purchasers are investing faith in our product, team and service development – where a LIFETIME Plan has been purchased between 01 October 2021 and 20 December 2021: Should the project not reach its target pre-sales quota on or by 20 December 2021, we will honour a 50% refund if a cancelation and refund is requested within 14 days of notification that we successfully validated the project (expected between 20 December 2021 and 10 January 2022) and we shall remit the refund within 14 days. We will additionally honour a request for cancellation and a refund of 25% for 14 days after the public launch, currently estimated to be 01 July 2022; this shall override the singular 14 day term and provide a further 14 days of access to the platform for fair evaluation. We thank you for your support!

(2) During this phase of pre-sales where we have successfully met our (1) pre-sales quota and full-rate development of the platform can progress, acknowledging that purchasers are still investing faith in our delivery of the platform – where a LIFETIME Plan has been purchased between 21 December 2021 and 31 May 2022: We shall honour requests for cancelation at 25% of the purchased price, for 14 days following our beta launch, allowing members to access the live platform for up to 14 days for fair evaluation before making a cancellation and refund request. We thank you for your support!

Please note that the LIFETIME deal (LTD) plan will not be offered again in the future. The LTD is an exclusive pre-sales opportunity available only to early adopters who support us from the beginning of our journey. The price will increase if we continue the LTD beyond 20 December 2021. Any presented LTD offer will expire on or prior to 31 May 2022, thereafter only monthly and annual plans will be available for purchase. A cancelled LIFETIME plan cannot be reinstated after it is cancelled. However, a cancelled lifetime member may re-join as a FREE or PREMIUM member on a monthly or annual subscription at any time.




The LIFETIME Premium Plan is only available for a limited time.

The purpose of our offer is a means to raising capital for the development of the Social8 platform, which has already been fully scoped.

The LIFETIME offer is a ONE-OFF payment WITHOUT expiry. Purchase the rights to the Premium Plan WITHOUT a monthly or annual subscription.

The OFFER is limited to 1000. The offer may be EXTENDED at a raised price in lots of 200. The earliest adopters receive the best price.​

In advance – We thank you for your support!



Yes – this is similar to a CROWD-FUNDING method for attracting paid-up members to assist with development costs, rewarded with delivery of a special perk. No – we cannot guarantee that: we will complete a) funding as required, b) development as scoped, c) launch as planned, d) a perfected beta product/service.

No – the Social8 platform is not live, you will currently see our offer site. This will be replaced with a “coming soon” site once we’ve achieved our offer goals.

Refunds are only guaranteed and provided within 14 days of your purchase. We need capital assurance in order to deliver on our wider promise – launch.

Yes – after significant scoping and 18 months of work, and over $20,000 in research/scoping capital, we wholeheartedly believe we will successfully launch.

In advance – We thank you for your support!



The Social8 platform is a start-up project. The pitch is live from 08 October, 2021.

The platform scoping includes full corporate establishment. This does not currently exist. Details will be provided to “investment” Stakeholders (shares).

Social8 is not yet a registered commercial entity. Therefore, we need to utilise the services of partners within this process.

We have partnered with ARDENT PARTNERS NZ LIMITED in New Zealand for the management of funds. They are a registered Financial Services Provider.

Social8 may engage with other partners, affiliates, crowd-funding organisations and/or promotional websites in the marketing of our pre-launch offers.

Neither Social8 or any of its partners, affiliates, associates or team members are able to guarantee or provide warranty re successful closure of any offers.

The parties mentioned herein are working hard to achieve targets with a view to achieving successful development and launching of the platform.



Our partners at ARDENT PARTNERS NZ LIMITED in New Zealand will handle receipt of all payments for a) Investment; and b) Lifetime Plan purchases.

ARDENT will be responsible for issuing refunds to any purchasers who request cancellation and refund per our Refund Policy.

ARDENT will also be responsible for issuing receipts to purchasers once payment has been made / cleared.

ARDENT will manage the Stripe Payment gateway integration with our Forms provider: is an authorised ARDENT partner, they are responsible for building and managing this website.

The SOCIAL8 team will manage all communication channels via email and social media.



ARDENT PARTNERS NZ LIMITED, New Zealand – Registered Company #1960697 as of 28 June 2007.

ARDENT PARTNERS NZ LIMITED, New Zealand – NZBN #9429033277264

ARDENT PARTNERS NZ LIMITED, New Zealand – Registered Financial Services Provider #260986 as of 11 December 2012.

Particulars – Client money or property service, Issuing or managing means of payment, Offeror under an FMC offer.
​Website: Https://

POST: PO Box 15615, Dinsdale, Hamilton, New Zealand: 3243





Re: lifetime plan:

Re: donations:

Re: Social8 policies:

Re: payments, refunds or accounts:

Re: project:


Enquiries with respect to general (sales / pre-sales) questions – you may engage in the online chat (bottom right of your screen).

You may also communicate on our social media pages and/or posts – please add/follow/like Social8 for updates.




Launch of opportunity, INVESTMENT for Stakeholder participation (shares) – START DATE: 08 October 2021. CLOSING DATE: 20 December 2021.

Confirmation of INVESTMENT CLOSURE – successful completion of efforts to raise capital: 10 January 2021.

Launch of opportunity, pre-sales, LIFETIME Premium Plan offer – START DATE: 08 October 2021, CLOSING DATE: 20 December 2021.



The Social8 Platform – PHASE ONE development includes the following features:

– SOCIAL COMPONENTS – Activity feed, Instant messaging, Groups, Group discussions, Full media functionality.

– SERVICE COMPONENTS – Help-desk, Ticketing, Chat widget, External Social Media omni-channel communications.

– PREMIUM COMPONENTS – Video hosting, Blogs, Advanced Forums, Payment gateway, Social Points system.






Migrate from PWA to Native App – GOAL is +1000 paid members (mix of Lifetime and regular Premium Plan member subscriptions) MARCH 2022.

Introduce the BUSINESS Plan (if it has not been done already) estimated January-February 2022.

From 20 January, providing successful closure of the opportunity, monitor the site Roadmap and Changelog for feature updates and releases.



The LIFETIME Deal (“LTD”) will expire upon closure of the opportunity as presented. We will never-again offer a LTD.

The PREMIUM Plan is market research priced between USD$14-$23 per month or $220 annually.

The BUSINESS Plan is market research priced between USD$19-$28 per month or $280 annually.

The realised retail price will be marketed with a discount from Pre-Launch that is likely to reduce over time.

ADVERTISING or Sponsorship will be a separately engaged “variable rate” activity, available to Premium and Business members only.



Market research suggests a wide angle 20-49 year old audience. Our mid-range target audience is 24-39 year olds, male and female.

We anticipate a majority of male subscribers where half of our audience is most likely between the ages of 26 and 35.

We will initially only provide the platform in the ENGLISH language, which may limit our audience. Multilingual is phase three (3).

Due to an inability to find any platform or service similar to what we have scoped to create, figures are best-guess estimates.

Our FREE plan is essentially a lifetime trial. We expect 95% of members to begin with a free account and upgrade in due-course.

Due to the strong discussion-oriented Premium plan features, we anticipate a minimum 20% uptake in upgraded Premium subscriptions.



To successfully close investment and lifetime opportunities, on time, reaching expectations.

To successfully initiate phase one of development and reach phase two.

To successfully launch the Social8 platform as described, beginning with Lifetime beta members.

To successfully convert a minimum 20% of free users to Premium Members for fiscal stability in the medium-long term.

To successfully develop and launch our own native app for iOS and Android.

To present strong growth performance statistics, minimised churn, sustained memberships and continual platform improvements.

To receive strong praise from satisfied members throughout our project phases and beyond.




Minimum age restriction for memberships is 16 years.

This is a discussion focused platform for a complete spectrum of adult conversational topics.

We allow the passionate use of profanity – our system will most-likely not flag, block or moderate swear words.

Our aim is to reduce the noise and focus – what’s real, what’s important, what are the facts > to form real opinions.



We will not accept the posting or sharing of any pornographic material – full stop.

INCLUDES: Any image or video displaying genitalia or nipples, of any age subject.

EXCLUDES: Adult images or videos that avoid the aforementioned.

POSSIBLE ALT-EXCLUSIONS: Not likely, open to member critique.


#1 We value freedom of speech. However, not at the expense of individuals and their dignity, rights and status.

We do not believe speech that singles a person out (defamation) is necessary – public shaming is not permitted.

We do not believe focused discussion warrants the objectivity of any race, culture, colour, origin or sexuality – Respect your fellow members.

We currently only operate in the English language. Phase three (3) of our development is for the expansion of languages. Chrome can otherwise translate.

We permit the passionate use of profanity – yes, you may swear. We simply ask that members don’t abuse that, particularly in breech of above rules.

Breeches may result in a warning. Serious breeches may result in a temporary suspension. Continuous breeches may result in a ban.



We’re living in interesting times! – Fake news? Narratives – opinions broadcast as fact. Content trust is a real issue in itself.

Therefore, we simply ask that when a member starts a post, comments or links media > that they “tag” it as fact (with source) or opinion.

Please do not plagiarise other authors – this means, steel their content without permission and author it as your own.

When linking content i.e. media – external sites as reference, please do your best to ensure the link is credible – use adult judgement.

When sharing content (media into or out of the Social8 platform) – please consider the different platforms audience and rules.



Premium and Business subscribers are permitted to order and place advertising space on the Social8 platform. This is an automated process.

The intent is for Premium members to generally sponsor versus Business members who can both sponsor and promote their own businesses.

Advertising requires payment depending on their selected variables. Our platform has basic targeting, it does not offer complex algorithims (tracking).

Premium and Business members will see reduced advertising and ads will only ever be from member businesses. No external ads are permitted.

Business members may setup shop in our “Vendor” e-Commerce store. All members will have access to available pages, products and services.

We will introduce “Projects” in Phase (2) or (3) which will allow members to pitch projects to other members. Its intent is currently for altruistic projects.



Official Social8 Newsletters will only be sent on a monthly + ceremonial basis to avoid member inbox frustration. We, of course, can always push a notification if communicating something important. Premium and Business members can also participate in our RoadMap and review our ChangeLog as progress is made on the platform.

You may see our external social media accounts occasionally pushing marketing material (posts). Please share as often as you see fit. Members are welcome to share any “current” Social8 promotional content and we are working on an affiliate plan to reward members for referrals – this will be a phase (2) or (3) work in progress. You will also see our Media Kit within the Social8 site, members may download and place media and link it, providing no statement or assumption of a partnership is present – a simple promotion message and/or disclaimer would likely suffice.

The Social8 platform has various tools for statistical analysis, this is to monitor, gauge and test performance – from site load speeds through to the efficiency of certain pages or the loss of pages. These tools will not collect individual data on any particular member. However, our platform has the capacity to continuously scan for a curated set of keywords for moderation if/when necessary to identify any kind of serious, material breeches or criminal behaviour.

We value your privacy, we are GDPR compliant (European standard) and have a broad set of Policies, written in plain English. You may review these policies at any time and direct questions to if you require. Social8 is a totally independent, self-hosted platform engine – this is inclusive of our social features which may resemble Facebook, our Video hosting which may resemble a lightly curated YouTube and our Forums.


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