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Minimum age restriction for memberships is 16 years.

This is a discussion focused platform for a complete spectrum of adult conversational topics.

We allow the passionate use of profanity – our system will most-likely not flag, block or moderate swear words.

Our aim is to reduce the noise and focus – what’s real, what’s important, what are the facts > to form real opinions.



We will not accept the posting or sharing of any pornographic material – full stop.

INCLUDES: Any image or video displaying genitalia or nipples, of any age subject.

EXCLUDES: Adult images or videos that avoid the aforementioned.

POSSIBLE ALT-EXCLUSIONS: Not likely, open to member critique.



#1 We value freedom of speech. However, not at the expense of individuals and their dignity, rights and status.

We do not believe speech that singles a person out (defamation) is necessary – public shaming is not permitted.

We do not believe focused discussion warrants the objectivity of any race, culture, colour, origin or sexuality – Respect your fellow members.

We currently only operate in the English language. Phase three (3) of our development is for the expansion of languages. Chrome can otherwise translate.

We permit the passionate use of profanity – yes, you may swear. We simply ask that members don’t abuse that, particularly in breech of above rules.

Breeches may result in a warning. Serious breeches may result in a temporary suspension. Continuous breeches may result in a ban.



We’re living in interesting times! – Fake news? Narratives – opinions broadcast as fact. Content trust is a real issue in itself.

Therefore, we simply ask that when a member starts a post, comments or links media > that they “tag” it as fact (with source) or opinion.

Please do not plagiarise other authors – this means, steel their content without permission and author it as your own.

When linking content i.e. media – external sites as reference, please do your best to ensure the link is credible – use adult judgement.

When sharing content (media into or out of the Social8 platform) – please consider the different platforms audience and rules.



Premium and Business subscribers are permitted to order and place advertising space on the Social8 platform. This is an automated process.

The intent is for Premium members to generally sponsor versus Business members who can both sponsor and promote their own businesses.

Advertising requires payment depending on their selected variables. Our platform has basic targeting, it does not offer complex algorithims (tracking).

Premium and Business members will see reduced advertising and ads will only ever be from member businesses. No external ads are permitted.

Business members may setup shop in our “Vendor” e-Commerce store. All members will have access to available pages, products and services.

We will introduce “Projects” in Phase (2) or (3) which will allow members to pitch projects to other members. Its intent is currently for altruistic projects.



Official Social8 Newsletters will only be sent on a monthly + ceremonial basis to avoid member inbox frustration. We, of course, can always push a notification if communicating something important. Premium and Business members can also participate in our RoadMap and review our ChangeLog as progress is made on the platform.

You may see our external social media accounts occasionally pushing marketing material (posts). Please share as often as you see fit. Members are welcome to share any “current” Social8 promotional content and we are working on an affiliate plan to reward members for referrals – this will be a phase (2) or (3) work in progress. You will also see our Media Kit within the Social8 site, members may download and place media and link it, providing no statement or assumption of a partnership is present – a simple promotion message and/or disclaimer would likely suffice.

The Social8 platform has various tools for statistical analysis, this is to monitor, gauge and test performance – from site load speeds through to the efficiency of certain pages or the loss of pages. These tools will not collect individual data on any particular member. However, our platform has the capacity to continuously scan for a curated set of keywords for moderation if/when necessary to identify any kind of serious, material breeches or criminal behaviour.

We value your privacy, we are GDPR compliant (European standard) and have a broad set of Policies, written in plain English. You may review these policies at any time and direct questions to if you require. Social8 is a totally independent, self-hosted platform engine – this is inclusive of our social features which may resemble Facebook, our Video hosting which may resemble a lightly curated YouTube and our Forums.


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