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Please kindly execute the NCDNC (confidentiality agreement) and make contact via the investment form (linked), if you wish to discuss the opportunity with the project founders and developers. Thank you.



You are also tired of the big Social Media Platforms throwing you in virtual jail for something you posted? You realise that those platforms track you for ad-related income? and because content is censored, you suspect filtered narratives?


You have an existing business that you would like to improve? and you seek alternative, more innovative, more cost effective, more local ways to optimise your website traffic and/or be seen?


Do recognize that this Social8 project is a unique, valuable, and potentially viable opportunity? and you would like to know how you can get involved? and how you may earn from becoming an investor?


Are you ready to dive deeper into this opportunity? because below, you will find an animated video explainer (12.5 minutes long) and a Pitch-Deck. Please make contact with James if/when you're ready to discuss further details.


We are happy to discuss potential perks, structure (including equity), ROI expectations, statistics, risks and viability, roles and both current / future plans with capable and interested parties, partners, investors or sponsors. The content specified herein cannot be presented as an offer; if interested, please make contact.

A deal can be structured in so many ways, and identifying real value here is simple. You may be a lender, an investor seeking a great opportunity, or you may be an existing business owner seeking a way to gain new marketing exposure. You do not need to be a tech-guru to join our team.


What are you looking for?

YES, absolutely. We simply ask that you sign a confidentiality agreement with us before we release any commercial plans. Please also detail your position and current goals, whether you wish to be actively or passively involved in the project, any conflicts of interest and your level fiscal interest in this project.

YES and NO. We have implemented and tested 90% of all technical requirements to complete the project. However, there are many ‘other’ necessary components that can’t yet be completed. I.E., the final appearance, tested and shortened links, automations, and complete how-to guides, to name a few.

Covid brought to attention to how important it is to have access to information. However, it also raised important questions concerning privacy, freedom of speech, narratives, laws, and censorship of alternative perspectives. There’s no other known “local” (non-US) social media platform matching our scope.

Completion of all material development including the posting of all planned launch content, testing of all links, automations, and processes, setting up all marketing copy, perfecting SEO and hitting the “go” button = realistically six-eight months from achieving our minimum capital-raise goal.

An exceptionally tough question. Some other social media platforms gained millions in funding even whilst they were losing significant funds month after month. Imagine how much the development and maintenance of your favourite platforms cost. Our goal is to first be self-sustainable in our first year.

Not at all. We will engage with stakeholders that may contribute to the project whether technically, with marketing or otherwise, or who may desire to remain silent. The key when making a capital decision is to effectively assess project risk vs reward, team ability, statistical viability, and intuition.

Dear interested investor,

Thank you for registering your interest and viewing this page.

For clarity, we have research and plans to support a particular commercial establishment as well as all the technologies that go into the “social media” project; we’re a “ready to go, start-up”. The current value of work if calculated in minimums per hour and retail value of inventory, attributable value exceeds USD$50,000 (NZD$70,000) to date – 12 August, 2021.

Ready to proceed with an NCNDA? (Non-Circumvention Non-Disclosure Agreement)? Please click on the link ABOVE to download that document.

To complete the NCNDA – digital is acceptable if you have .pdf tools to sign, otherwise you may print, complete in pen, scan the document and email to: james@social8.net After receiving your NCNDA back, we will provide you access to our Project Investors page which includes a formal Pitch-Deck and additional, deeper level information about this project (this is the second link ABOVE).

This process is to ensure that we’re pitching sensitive information to a capable audience that meet legal requirements with respect to potential investments in this project. Thank you.Hopefully you have enjoyed watching our Animated explainer and have reviewed our Pitch-Deck, these are the main features of this page. The purpose is to give you a full understanding of “what” and “why” we’ve initiated this project.


The next question is “how” and that’s where you come in!

When you’re ready to discuss details, please make contact with James and the team for a one-on-one conversation. We need to ensure a level of legal compliance is managed so that the process satisfies every participant. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind Regards,




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