This Website Is Intended To Be A Temporary Pre-Launch Site For Social8.Net

Once The Project Has Received Sufficient Support, Defined By Raised Capital, Newsletter Subscribers And Social Likes, The Project Build Will Replace This Site And Any Opportunity To Invest Or Purchase A Lifetime Subscription Will Cease.


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This opportunity to purchase a LIFETIME "Premium Plan" is an exclusive pre-launch offer. It may be considered a FOUNDATION plan, which may be offered again (or continued) at the time of official launch. However, the price will increase until the opportunity expires entirely. Once the site is launched, we will not ever-again offer the LTD opportunity, enhancing the value of the deal.

For the life of the project, which we sincerely hope and anticipate will be indefinite. The LifeTime Deal ("LTD") will not ever expire. There will be no costs introduced or subscriptions charged with respect to the Lifetime (Founding) Member's Premium Plan. An agency may purchase a maximum of six (6) member plans at any stage within our launch. The LTD offer will cease once expired.

Please refer to the Plan Table, you may find this on the website "About Us" and/or "Plan" pages. The "Premium Plan" is one of two subscription plans we will offer. All Premium Plans not purchased per this Lifetime LTD deal will be charged on a monthly or annual basis until cancelled. The LTD "Premium Plan" is only modified in ONE feature - "Points earned" limits. See "Points FAQ" for more information.


You can only purchase the Lifetime Deal ("LTD") directly from this site - the "BUY" page. You may have been sent to this website from an affiliate link - that is okay. Purchases made anywhere else will not be legitimately recorded with Social8. The purchase can only be made with a valid credit or debit card, with payment processing by Stripe in your chosen currency (from our base currency - Euro "EUR").


The LTD went live on 01 October 2021. We plan to close the opportunity for the Lifetime deal and Investment opportunity on or by December 20, 2021 or sooner if packages are sold-out sooner than anticipated. We then expect to launch mid 2022 with our first beta platform. LTD members (and investors) will get the first opportunity to log in, set up and create/add content. Official launch = 60 days later.


The Lifetime Deal ("LTD") carries a 14 day refund for 75% of the purchase price i.e. if USD$200 is paid, USD$150 is refundable if requested within 14 days of purchase. SEE "LIFETIME PLAN" AMENDMENT. WHY: (1) 25% covers our administration, bank and card fees; (2) This is a start-up project.
The LTD is offered to assist with the projects capital-build cashflow requirements.


If you have purchased a Lifetime Plan, thank you and congratulations. If you refunded, you are not prohibited from re-purchasing. However, the price may have increased and we cannot adjust the offered price as displayed and purchasable from the "buy" page. If you purchased and would like to add to your purchase, you may stack up to six (6) plans per your email address. Only the "Lifetime" Plan is transferrable.


Social points are awarded only to Premium and Business Plan members who subscribe monthly or annually. A limited version is applied to all Lifetime subscribers. The purpose for Social points is a means of rewarding members for their use and contribution of content, specifically to reduce the members subscription fee's. LTD members will not have or incur a monthly or annual "subscription" cost or charge.


The LTD went live on 01 October 2021. There are 200 memberships available per price offered i.e. once the first 200 are purchased, the offer price will increase for a further 200 memberships. The maximum number or availability of Lifetime memberships are limited to 1,000 in total. We reserve the right to oversell by 10% to accommodate any reasonable churn (refunded memberships).



The opportunity to purchase a SHARE in the Social8 platform is limited to (1) those who enquire / register before the 20th of December 2021, (2) those who commit (on a first-in, first-served basis) until share parcels are fully purchased, (3) those with a minimum USD$2,500 to invest - the ideal ticket price is USD$5,000 to minimise the total number of shareholders, (4) those who pass our Due Diligence and are accepted.

The opportunity to purchase a SHARE in the Social8 platform shall close once one of the following conditions are met: (1) the minimum subscription was reached or (2) the maximum subscription was reached prior to the closure date of 10 January 2022. Should the opportunity fail to close, the board will communicate with all stakeholders and apply for an extension. Failure to close or extend = investors funds returned in full.

We must conduct a professional and legal process when dealing with prospective investors, this includes extensive due diligence, a shareholders agreement, communication protocol and the setting of general expectations. We can provide assurances with respect to funds in escrow as held by our nominated, New Zealand based, registered Financial Services Provider. We cannot provide any other guarantee or warranty.


Each qualified and committed investor shall receive one Lifetime Member - Premium Plan account per USD$2,500 invested. A planned quota of ten (10) accounts is allocated for this purpose. The investor may use or gift their accounts as they see fit notwithstanding our terms of use i.e. the minimum age of a member is 16 years. An approved investor, will not need to purchase a Lifetime plan.


Our investment opportunity went live on 01 October 2021. We plan to close the opportunity on or by January 10, 2022 or sooner if shares are sold-out earlier than anticipated. We expect to launch the platform mid 2022 with our first beta platform. Investors are also LTD members by default. You will get the first opportunity to log in, set up and create/add content. Official launch = 60 days later.


All investment funds receipted by our FSP (Ardent) are (1) non refundable upon successful closure of the investment subscription as of 10 January 2022 or earlier, otherwise (2) refundable upon unsuccessful closure of the investment subscription as of 10 January 2022 pending approval by stakeholders to extend the date of settlement. Such a vote would require a majority quorum.


Investor commitments in the form of cash deposits are to be held by ARDENT PARTNERS NZ LIMITED ("Ardent"). Further information can be found in your investment documentation. Funds deposited are 100% secure until a finalised resolution on completion of the capital raise - 10 January 2022. Commitments are registered, reserved and committed unless Social8 fails to close or extend.


Investors will be introduced to each other post closure of the opportunity, and will be added to a private "investor relations" group within the Social8 platform. This is to ensure all Stakeholder members have access to the same results, information, shared opinions, suggestions and content, transparently and accurately. Deal parameters shall be uniform and not negotiated to include any bias.


The opportunity went live on 01 October 2021 and closes for investors registration of interest no later than 20 December 2021 notwithstanding an earlier or later determination due to either (1) reaching the maximum investor subscription limit or (2) any successfully applied extension. Investors may be approved at the sole discretion of the Social8 board, without prejudice.



Social8 is a (1) privately hosted, (2) member-only, (3) subscription model, (4) conservative, (5) lightly moderated, (6) social media hosting engine i.e. platform. The intent is to provide the HOME for unbiased content i.e. no political or corporate, private or public narratives guide our policies, content or methods of moderation. Our policies or "rules" are extremely simple - on purpose. We value freedom of speech.

ALL of the existing, major social media platforms have too many disturbing attributes that simply don't or no longer align with a growing majority of users. Users are tracked and monitored for monetary gain from advertisers - this is the main sacrifice when engaging on a "free" social media platform. Privacy doesn't exist anymore. Narratives skew, prevent and/or prohibit critical thinking, access to raw data and thus opinions.

We offer a forever FREE base plan for many reasons, despite the fact that this plan limits our fiscal sustainability without the ad's tracking attributes we have forgone. The free plan enables us to maintain user data - upgrade or downgrade without losing data. It also enables members to try the platform before making an upgrade decision (pay) to become a Premium member. The advantages of Premium or Business are definitely valuable.


From launch, the Social8 site/s will be built fully responsive, meaning pages adapt to the screen size of your device. We have a planned mobile app on our Roadmap - the significant cost to develop a complex app had driven us to focus first on PWA - Progressive Web Apps. PWA means - our site/s will prompt & guide members to create an app-like "shortcut". Yes, it will include push notification functionality.


Our "Roadmap" is essentially an open development plan that provides the premium member with a glance into what we're doing, how we're improving members experiences, upgrading or adding functionality. The "Change Log" is a record of those Roadmap activities we have completed, with information specific to active features or changes and updates to our "How-To" pages.


All social media platforms require some form of advertising to supplement income from other revenue streams. In our case, cover the cost of free members access to some of our resources. Free- Base plan members will see more ad's than our Premium members - another special privilege. However, ALL ad's displayed are from Business plan members, and ZERO ad's are tracking algorithm imports.


Another unique and special attribute to the Social8 platform is our level of support. We have a standardised self-help or "How-To" section that will continuously grow i.e. FAQ's, text, images, videos that you can first research. If you cannot find the answer to your questions, members may contact us fir direct response. Premium members enjoy prioritisation and will receive faster responses to their questions.


Email based Newsletters are common-place and we're no exception, despite being the hosting-engine or platform. However, we provide this more as "a service update" and only on a monthly + special occasion basis - to ensure the service doesn't become a frustration. Otherwise, we will communicate with members within the platform via notifications and messages - this increases trust.


These are core Premium plan functions. Social8 is all about "the discussion" and often, that's difficult when distracted by meme's on an activity feed. For our older, savvy members who miss the days of IRC, ICQ and bulletin board systems, we're bringing back Group Chat! We believe each function has a purpose - Activity feeds notify. Forums statically debate. Chat engages. More participants, more fun!



Social8 is designed to host, support, and encourage members to engage in conversations, discussions and debates re: important headlines and events. The platform is intended to be more about the quality of content, not simple minded entertainment - we have many apps for that already. The main reason behind an age restriction relates to our language policy which permits use of profanity for passionate expression.

Despite having a relaxed set of moderation policies including the acceptable use of profanity (language), we do have boundaries. The members within our community are people; Therefore, we will not tolerate hate speech or support "Groups" that promote or practice, harm or denigrate (1) any cultural, racial, religious identification, (2) any sexual or gender related choices, or (3) defamation upon an individual members character.

This is how we defeat the fake "fact checkers" - label your posts as FACT: provide your source/s with links, then provide your OPINION. Opinions are free speech. However, credibility in respect to the quality of your content (your opinion) becomes important as you attract followers. Whether it's a private Group or a public Blog (a Premium member feature), we should all be aware of our content: words, tone and classification.


Although Social8 is a platform for adults, this does not mean we will support private adult content being presented or distributed within our community. As we cannot easily or accurately distinguish age in images, we have ultimately decided to disallow any material that exposes any man, woman or child's genitalia - posting of illicit material that breaches this policy will likely result in a formal ban.


Our platform is designed for adults, we have little interest in constant policing of members content. However, for legal and policy-based reasons, our system will monitor all posts for trigger keywords and we will moderate public posts if we identify any of our simple rules are breached. Members may be suspended or ban in the unlikely event of repetitive behavior that breaches policy.


The only way to advertise within Social8 is to be either a registered Business plan member or a Premium member (limited more towards promotion of an event as opposed to a business). We do not support or subscribe to externally tracked ads programs like Adwords. Posts should avoid any and all plagiarism (copying of other authors) unless they are credited. Be mindful of your posts, blogs and comments.


Our membership system is largely automatic, therefore errors are reduced and issues can often be promptly resolved without needing to contact our support team. A Premium member who misses a payment will automatically revert to a free Base account. Once that subscription is paid, the account will instantly upgrade back to the Premium account. This excludes Lifetime members.


Members agree to be responsible with their account logins and password , and not share such details with any other person, including family members. One account is for one individual. Two simultaneous logins on two devices is permitted i.e. on your computer + on your mobile phone. Both Premium and Business accounts can subscribe additional family or staff members at a discounted rate.


For detailed information, please look up our site/s full Policy documentation which includes our: (1) Privacy Policy, (2) Terms of Service, (3) Cookie Policy, (4) Acceptable Use Policy, (5) Mobile/SaaS/Web Apps Access Policy, (6) E-Commerce / Vendor Policy, (7) Blog and News Policy and (8) Member Contract Policy. You can find this information linked on almost every site page including our How-To guide.



Social8's Social-Rewards Points are unique to Social8. They are a form of social gamification with a twist - the purpose is to (1) reward members for their content contributions; and (2) reduce the (monthly / annual) cost of membership by acknowledging that a members participation in an awarding event has value. Points therefore carry a real (currency related) value. Reduce your payment at checkout by using your points balance.

Social8 will have programmed a set of activities and values for those activities, and also caps (daily, weekly, monthly limits). Whenever a Premium or Business plan member performs a related activity, they will automatically accrue those points. The Lifetime plan is a variant of the Premium plan, so Lifetime members can earn points. However, the structure and limits are different. Please go to the "How-To" for a detailed description.

Only Premium (including Lifetime members) and Business plan members will be able to earn and accrue points by performing certain activities within Social8. Free members will see the points allocations on most of our site/s pages, and will be able to purchase points packs. However, they will not be able to earn points as described. Premium and Business members are able to gift points / vouchers to free (Base plan) members.


A way to improve engagement and add a little fun, a little competitive spirit, stimulus or entertainment. We will utilise the utility known as gamification when running a competition - you may have seen the "Wheel of fortune" when you signed up or when you watched our welcome email video, and you may have won a prize. You may notice a game like our PacMan - these features = gamification.


Officially, yes - 24 months after they are earned. However, this is more of a system ring-fence setting because few to no members are likely to exceed two years without using their points - whether it's a game, a store purchase, a plan upgrade, a gift or voucher or transfer to another member, there are many reasons to accumulate and also spend those well earned social reward points.


No. Social Points are a Social8 community currency. They can be purchased, traded / transferred within Social8, earned from performing various activities and won via competitions run by the Platform. All transactions are recorded in the system to ensure we can track and manage a dispute, should one arise. You cannot be paid in points and then withdraw points at cash, at any venue.


Yes, all members of all plans can purchase points packs. The higher points will improve your Rank. They can be used like cash to subscribe and upgrade your plan (monthly or annually) and more - please see the "How-To" Guide re: Social Points for more information. Points pack purchases will require a credit card (validated), alternatively you can trade with another member to purchase a transfer of points.


The primary purpose of our Social Rewards Points is the acknowledgment of member value in their contributions to content within the Social8 platform. An active member on a Premium plan can opt to pay less for that plan, a thank you from us. Points can be traded/transferred (limits), used to purchase from the Social8 store, to play games, enter competitions, book events and more as we update the site.


The coloured "labels" tell all members you interact with, what level of member you are (our "trust system") as Premium and Business members = validated. Badges are based on a members points history (how active a member is, encouraging participation) versus Ranks which are based on a members points balance (most useful in the e-commerce shop and classifieds re credit worthiness).



The Social8 platform relies on staff and community members to moderate content, in particular - re the advanced Forums and within Blogs. Members should be aware of the limited policies we have in place and can easily access (read) those Policies at any time. The moderation of content may include excessive use of language or an offensive direction of language in breach of S8 policies, it may also be a restricted or inappropriate image.

The Social8 platform has a number of on-staff moderators. However, we also rely on the community to report any suspected or obvious policy breaches. Only staff moderators can edit or delete content, or officially notify a member of a breach. Only staff moderators can issue a member with a warning, a suspension or a ban - these actions may restrict a members ability to log in, post, earn points and more.

Social8 is a platform for conservative, freedom and free speech. This means it's up to members to use the platform responsibly. Our Policies exist to mark certain boundaries, set in the best interests of functioning a friendly, discussion focused online community. We know that on occasion, a discussion will get a little too hot - we're only human. Delete your own inappropriate content and save us a task.


No. An automatic system will scan for select keywords and notify us if they are found. Yes, we keep rather smart with respect to variations of a word, alternate meanings of a word or set of characters. This is not to inconvenience the 99.5% of members who are capable of responsibly managing their own behaviour. Publicly visible content can be reported by anyone, staff will assess and may edit.


Whilst Social8 is a private member-only platform, nothing can prevent other members from reporting posted content - whether in a public forum or private, where that member had access. Social8 has a responsibility to lightly moderate for the benefit and safety of all of its members - this is not a biased process. A policy breach will not likely be reported unless the content is illegal i.e. child pornography.


Content that is reported to a moderator will be evaluated by a moderator as if they primarily discovered the content. If the moderator determines a breach in policy, one of three actions will be taken: (1) moderator will notify the author with a warning, content may not be edited, (2) moderator will notify the author that content was edited due to a policy breach, (3) content will be permanently deleted.


A member who has breached a policy will be informed with an explanation, and notified within the platform. We do not have a policy or process to actively seek breaches and rely mostly on reporting. A breach will cause a moderator to issue a warning, this is mostly to educate the member re what and how content breached the policy. A serious breach may cause a suspension or a ban, and may be reported.


All communications from moderators will push a notification to the members account unless a serious breach has forced a moderator to suspend or ban a member. There are very few instances that could possibly trigger this kind of action. Warning: If the nature of the cause was illegal and we were forced to report it, and if required by law to disclose member information, we may be compelled to comply.


Members are not permitted to plagiarise author content (steal and post as their own). If posts, blogs, comments or content generally is plagiarised and reported, ultimately discovered - the member will be notified, warned and if points were awarded by the platform for the action (post), Social8 administrators will reverse those points. Notices and full history are recorded in all members files.


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